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About Zero Emission Thermal Power Generation EXPO

Zero Emission Thermal Power Generation EXPO is Japan's largest show for thermal power generation technologies. Efficient and eco-friendly ways to generate thermal energy is grabbing the attention of the energy industry. Engineering technologies and components to build, maintain and operate such thermal power plants will be exhibited. It is held  once a year in Tokyo (Mar. 2022).

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Show Outline

Exhibit Profile

Thermal Power Generation System

  • The following Next-generation Thermal Power Generation Systems:

- Gas Turbine Combined Cycle

- Gas Turbine Fuel Cell Combined Cycle

- Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle

- Closed IGCC

- Integrated Coal Gasification Fuel Cell Combined Cycle

- Ultra-supercritical (USC) Steam Power Generation

  • CO2Separation, Capture and Storage Technology
  • Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage
  • SOFC Module (Industrial Fuel Cell)

O&M Service

  • Maintenance, Inspections and Diagnostic Equipment
  • Overhaul/Deterioration Investigation of Equipment
  • Cleaning Service
  • Gas Turbine Repair/Regeneration
  • Repair Material
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Coating/Seal Material
  • Corrosion Prevention
  • Various Plant Maintenance Services

Plant Monitoring/Control

  • Equipment/Facility Maintenance Management System
  • Remote Control System
  • Thermal Power Plant Simulator
  • Operation History Data Management System
  • Strategy Support System for Electric Power Selling
  • Cost Management System for Power Generation

Turbine, Boiler, Generator

  • Gas Turbine
  • Heat Recovery System Generator
  • Various Power Generators
  • Turbine Design Tool
  • Development Support Tool
  • Turbine Component
    (Blades, Vane, Disc, Case)

  • Turbine Parts Processing
    (Hard-to-cut Materials such as Steel Sheet, Heat-resistant Alloy)

Plant Parts/Equipment

  • Valve
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Pressure Vessel
  • Piping/Piping Material
  • Combined Heat and Power Facility
  • Various Detector
  • Various Meters
  • Seismic Isolation System/Device
  • Air Conditioning/Ventilation Facility 
  • Exhaust Gas/Wastewater Management Equipment
  • Explosion Proof/Fire Prevention Equipment

Inspection/Measurement/Analysis Technology

  • Nondestructive Inspection
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Water Quality Analysis
  • Gas Measuring
  • High-resolution Camera
  • Furnace Temperature Measurement
  • Inspection/Measurement/Analysis Technology for Turbine
  • Fuel Analysis Service

Plant Design/Construction

  • Construction and Improvement Work
  • Removal/Demolition Work
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Process CAD
  • Plant CAD
  • ERP
  • SCM
  • Operational Plan, Support, Training


Visitor Profile

  • Electric Power/Gas Company
  • Oil Company
  • Power Generation Operator
  • Heavy Electric Machinery Manufacturer
  • Plant Engineering
  • Outsourcing Service Provider for O&M
  • General Contractor, Subcontractor
  • Government, Municipality
  • New Entrant to Power Generation Business


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Zero Emission Thermal Power Generation EXPO

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About the Show